Friday, March 7, 2014

Early Sakura Blooms

California had a particularly dry winter, which may account for early blooming of our local cherry trees.

For the past several years we have held a Tea Ceremony demonstration and Ohanami, or cherry blossom viewing, on the Old Town Gazebo in April. This year, however, it seems the trees will be finished with their blooms before we can organize that event. They're in full bloom now!

Don't wait. Take a stroll, grab a sandwich and have lunch under the trees now before they're finished blooming.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!

Demons out! Luck in!

In case you saw no Oni at which to throw your soybeans, here are some.

We didn't see any oni either, so that's good. Happy Setsubun!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Looking for the Hakone Daichakai? Try here:

[UPDATE] The Hakone Gardens site appears to be fine ( Perhaps it was a browser-cache issue on my part. Perhaps it was gremlins. We may never know.

:: :: ::

"Something happened."

That's what a friend of mine likes to say when she can't quite find the words to express herself. I like to use the phrase when I can't find an explanation.

Seems something happened to the website, so if you're looking for information about the 2013 Hakone Daichakai tea gathering, try looking here:

Registration closes soon, so make your reservations quickly! We hope to see you there.

Monday, June 10, 2013

'Give it Over To The Fire'

Pottery by Dave Zdrazil

Humboldt County artists open their studios to the public for North Coast Open Studios on the first two weekends in June. This is an annual "must-do" for us.

We usually make a long day of it, visiting as many studios as we can pack in. This year we were limited to just a single day, so we pared our list down to two husband/wife studios: Lorraine Lindley and Mark Young, and Shannon Sullivan and Dave Zdrazil. Mark and Dave's styles are very different, but their pottery is clearly influenced by a Japanese aesthetic. After visiting with these wonderful artists, I wrote a post for the North Coast Journal about our studio tours, 'Give it Over To The Fire.' More photos there too!


Stumbling Through the Internet

Discovered a couple new-to-me websites today and thought I'd share.
About chado, written by tea practitioner and instructor Lauren Deutsch.
About pottery, written by Minesota pottery artist Lee Love.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

April Ohanami Tea Ceremony and Taiko Demonstration

A busy springtime leaves little time for writing! After our demonstration and fundraiser in April we found ourselves busier than usual with little energy or time to spare.

As we settle now to a more normal pace of life we're finding some snippets of time to catch up. Here are some photos from our spring Ohanami Cherry Blossom Viewing Tea Ceremony and Taiko demonstration.

Tea ceremony demonstration in the lobby
of the historic Vance Hotel,Old Town, Eureka.

Origami crane "adoption" table, with Johnson Tilghman and D'har.
Gary Thawatchai Ronne begins his taiko performance.

A curious onlooker watches Gary Thawatchai Ronne
as he demonstrates taiko.

One of Gary Thawatchai Ronne's taiko drums, made of a wine barrel.

Detail of one of Gary's drums.

The skies threatened to rain on us, so we held our demonstration indoors at the then-vacant Vance Hotel lobby. The Eureka-Kamisu Sister City Association benefitted from our "Adopt A Crane for Kamisu" campaign and we shared cha-no-yu with about 45 people. Taiko performances by Gary Thawatchai Ronne were a special treat.

Many thanks go out Gary and his lovely family for adding the new dimension of taiko to our demonstration; to Johnson Tighlman and the students of Eureka High School who are working to re-boot the Eureka-Kamisu Sister City exchange student program; to our friends (both old and new!) who support our efforts to share tea in Humboldt County; and especially to our "Tea(m) Horai" volunteers without whose help we could not offer these demonstrations.

And yes, the cherry trees were lovely! More photos are on our Facebook page.